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Innkeeper Doug

Doug was born and raised in New Jersey. From an early age, he grew interested in cars and motorcycles.

He served in the Navy and that began his interest in cooking. To this day he still thinks he is cooking for the crew. We have more leftovers than most households and that’s after the neighbors get theirs! Bob is the official taste tester! Every year he comes up with something new for breakfast for our guests. When he rings that “bell”, Andy and Bob better get a move on because he wants the food out to the guests while it’s hot.

He is also responsible for our growing number of dishes we use at the Inn which is well over 30 sets of service for 20! He says he wants our guests to wake up to new color and patterns each morning! That also includes napkins, tablecloths, and placemats to match!

He has taken an interest in the gardens of Rockmere Lodge. Andy and he work side by side in the gardens together alongside “Robbie, the Robin!. The goldfish pond is another one of his projects with over forty of his babies swimming around. Watch him some time as he feeds them from his hand.

His latest project is his first and we must say excellent job at building the new pagoda and patio at our entrance. Andy designed it and Doug took on the whole project from start to finish.

His hobbies are antique cars (proof of which is his 1964 Suburban given to him as a birthday gift on one of his birthdays), painting, playing the piano and guitar, collecting watches, and gasoline promotional toy trucks. (He has over 700 in his collection.)

He is also an animal lover. Watch him feed his three chipmunks, Moe, Larry and Curly, and Hector, the red squirrel. He has a knack for all animals, tame and wild.

He also misses his little girl, “Moosie”, who was always with him. He said a piece of his heart went when she passed on.

Also get him going and he will have you laughing with his antics.



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150 Stearns Road
PO Box 278, Ogunquit, ME 03907
(207) 646-2985
Toll Free: (888) 646-2985

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