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The next owner was Mr. David Dott from Rhode Island. His daughter, who visited us, told us that her father was a scottsman and purchased the property for $15,000. He then converted the house into four apartments, each with its own kitchen, and divided off the three lots in front which he sold around 1954 – 1955 for $6,000 each.

Following Mr. Dott, the property was owned by the Lloyd-Davies family. Their daughter, Mrs. Pauline Hale, visited us in the summer of 1994 from her home in Notts, England where the family moved after leaving Ogunquit. She told us that we had restored the house to just about the way she remembered it as a child.

R. L. Thomas painting of Rockmere

She told us about the time when there was so much snow piled up around the house that they went skiing off the porch roof outside Room #5, The Annamarie. She also told us that her family rented the house in the summer and moved to the log house on Ledge Road which they also owned.

It was in the seventies that, during a severe thunder and lightning storm, Rockmere Lodge was struck by lightning and caught on fire! If it wasn't for Mrs. Burke, the next door neighbor who saw it happen, it would have been the end of Rockmere Lodge. We were told by her son that she and her children were hunkered down in their living room. Mrs. Burke was looking out the window when there was a loud clap of thunder and a bright lightning flash. They watched their mother very calmly walk across the room and pick up the phone. They couldn't understand why or who she was calling during the the storm, but they heard her very calmly say into the phone "You may want to send the fire truck because lightning has just struck Rockmere Lodge and it is on fire". We are so glad she was where she was at the time. There are still some charred beams in the attic over Room 6.

The next owner of Rockmere was a woman named Dru Zuber. Dru is a folk artist and is responsible for the artwork in the “Drudy”, Room #7, which we named for her.

In 1976, Dru sold the house to Fred Thomas and Alf Christianson, who were the owners of the Old Village Inn. Fred and Alf lived here and also rented the apartments during the summer. Fred died in 1986 and Alf died in 1987.

Alf's sister, Madeline, who inherited the property from her brother, and her son, Ken, rented the apartments each summer from then until they sold the house to us in May 1992. We overlooked the avocado green shag carpets and small tile ceilings (we guess it was the past owner's efforts to modernize the old gal) and the mismatched furniture including two orange and green plaid sofas. We knew what lay behind the mess and began work to restore Rockmere Lodge back to her glory days. Being only the sixth owners, the house wasn't hacked up or too damaged with paint over the beautiful woodwork.

One by one the old kitchens came out and new bathrooms went in their place. After about nine months of heavy remodeling (from Labor Day to Memorial Day), we could see the direction we were going and the house seemed to work with our plans.

It has been an ongoing process and we still tweak the place where we think it needs it. The hard work, sweat and, yes, tears have paid off. We are proud to say the grand lady of Rockmere Lodge is back to her glory self again.

There is a photograph album in the living room with before and after pictures of the house since we have owned it. Please take a few minutes to look it over.

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150 Stearns Road
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