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Your hosts,
Andy Antoniuk, Bob Brown & Doug Flint






Some notes about your Innkeepers




Innkeeper Andy and kids

Innkeeper Bob

Innkeeper Doug





Andy grew up in Westchester County, New York where his family still maintains the family home.Back then, he spent his childhood caring for the flock of animals (horses, dogs, cats, pigeons, chickens, you name it).He started painting on anything he could find and was persuaded to enter an art show where he took home firest place for his primitive painting of an 1800 home in his neighborhood.He painted for fun and to pass the time.His mother became his agent and started to sell the paintings that were piling up.His paintings are in home across the United States.


Andy then studied set design for the theater which he used throughout Rockmere Lodge to make each room different from the rest.He has used his talent also as a retail window dresser winning numerous awards.


Next he opened and operated several collectible shops in Southern Connecticut and ran a mail order business.His major product was German Nutcrackers which made him the largest importer of them in the Northeast.He shipped them all over the world and even back to customers in Germany.


His hobbies are vintage automobiles, antiques (proof being all around Rockmere Lodge), working in the gardens, collecting art, reading (mysteries and autobiographies) and working with a no-kill animal shelter.


But most of all, he loves spending his time with our dogs, Fritz, Moosie, Gretchen and Cleo, our babies, the pride an joy of his life.He also loves to sit and talk to our guests.Grab him and get him talking!He has many good stories to tell about being an Innkeeper.(But have plenty of time to spare!HaHa)

Bob grew up in Concord, New Hampshire where his family can trace its ancestry back to 1749.


Growing up he was an active member of his high school debating club and participated in high school dramatics.He was selected a member of the New Hampshire All State Cast for his performance as Mr. Pickwick in the play “Mr. Pickwick” based on the Charles Dickens novel.


He also played trombone in the Concord High School Orchestra and Band where he was selected to play first chair in the New Hampshire All State Orchestra in both his junior and senior years.He continued to play through college and grad school.


At an early age, he was interested in everything to do about learning things, from reading to carpentry.


He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a degree in Electrical Engineering.Upon graduation he went to work for Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation on Long Island, New York.Bob then joined the IBM Corporation in New York City, where he worked for thirty years.His career with IBM was in marketing, education, management and new product planning, until his retirement in 1992.


He loved spending time at the summer house in Otis, MA, sailing, water skiing, boating, swimming and just relaxing.He and Andy redesigned and rebuilt the island house there.


After moving to Ogunquit, Bob became active in the town and served on the Ogunquit Planning Board, the Board of the Ogunquit Playhouse and as an Ogunquit Selectman.


Bob is responsible for all the wallpapering in Rockmere Lodge and most of the carpentry work.He is the resident all around handy man!If Andy can design it, he can build it!He is also responsible for all the computer related activity and records of Rockmere Lodge.


He loves reading Science Fiction books and is constantly adding to his library.He also loves classical music, watching good movies, keeping up to date on what’s happening around the world and tracing his family roots.


But the pride of his life are his granddaughters, Noelle and Chloe.He can’t get enough photos of them.

Doug was born and raised in New Jersey.From an early age, he grew interested in cars and motorcycles.


He joined the Navy and became interested in being a cook.That started him behind a stove.To this day he still thinks he is cooking for the crew.We have more leftovers but our neighbors live him because he’s always walking something over for them to try.Bob is the official taste tester!


He is responsible for the growing number of dishes we use at the Inn which is over 30 sets of service for 20!He says he wants our guests to enjoy color and patterns, not just plain white dishes!Oh, also napkins, tablecloths, and placemats to match!He’s driving Bob crazy asking for more shelf space for them.


He has taken an interest in gardening, at Rockmere Lodge.Andy and he work side by side in that area.He is also trying to keep the lawn green!Also his goldfish keep him busy taking care of and maintaining them.


His hobbies are antique automobiles (his pride and joy being his Jeep and His 1964 Suburban give to him as a birthday gift from Andy and Bob), painting, playing the piano and guitar, collecting watches, and gasoline promotional toy trucks.He has over 600 so far.


Hi is an animal lover of tame and wild ones (as you can see by the photo above).If a bird gets into the house, it’s Doug to the rescue.He just walks up to it, starts talking and the bird is on his finger and is released back outside to freedom.He also loves to talk and have fun with our guests.













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