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Your hosts,
Andy Antoniuk, Bob Brown & Doug Flint






Comments by Guests from Guest Book in Rockmere's Lobby

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06/09/09 – “Andy & Doug, All the good things said before – Ditto!! And more!!  One suggestion…serve lunch & we will return from where ever we wander then go for the remainder of our day.  God Bless You.”  Barbie.


06/09/09 – “Dear Andy & Doug, your love of nature, your love of people and your love of Rockmere is so contagious.  The rooms are exquisite and the breakfast beyond belief, delicious, beautiful and great company.  Thank you for being such kind, caring people.  See you in the fall.”  Vickie


06/07/09 - “Had a wonderful time, great breakfast, breath taking views. Anna & Domings, CT   P.S. Loved the Dogs!


06/04/09 – “Loved this house & you two guys!  Take care, get some rest.”  Liz & Priscilla, Amherst, MA


05/21/09 – “Fabulous!  Great views, great company and a beautiful, clean, comfortable room.  This is our place in Ogunquit from now on.  No other Inn in town can compare, we hate to leave.  Thanks for making our short stay one of the best ever.  See you again very soon.”  Val & Stephen, No. Haven, CT


05/18/09 – “This is a great place (overused phrase).  You guys make it a place we look forward to returning to.  Thanks.”  Suzanne & Brian, Reading, PA


05/15/09 – “We had a wonderful time – as usual!  We won’t stay away so long next time and who knows maybe I’ll get the omelet recipe next time!  Lots of Love.”  Cindy & Jeff, NJ


05/01/09 – “Hello, your hospitality is terrific.  Thank you for a wonderful stay.”  Rita & Elliott, NH


05/01/09 – “Doug & Andy, you guys “Rock”!  (pun intended)  Hospitality at its best – conversation, laughter and contentment!!  We’ll be back – for sure.  Love.” Meg & Mike “Your Protector”, MA


05/01/09 – “Run For Your Life!!!  Kidding, these guys are great – Loved the visit and always enjoy our stay.”  Eric, Atlanta, GA


05/01/09 – “Thank you so much for such a much needed, peaceful and fun filled break.  We loved every minute.  All our best.”  Laura & Bea, Boston, MA


04/26/09 – “Sunday, My first time solo without John.  Who was the lucky one?!?!!  Thanks so much for everything!  Have a grand summer!  See you in the Fall with more short bread!”  Debbie, MA


04/26/09 – “We want to thank you again for a wonderful time at your beautiful home.  The warmth and friendly atmosphere made our time there so special.  We won’t forget the comfort of Room 7 & the best bathroom ever! (So much storage space!)  Doug’s delicious breakfast and Andy’s hilarious stories.  Though it was our first time with you, we felt like we were home.  We’re looking forward to mny more visits with you.  Thank you again so very much.  All the best.”  Jan & Larry


04/23/09 – “Thank you for the wonderful ambience, the delicious breakfast & for the company – a gift beyond price.”   Bob & Jan


04/17/09 – “Doug & Andy, thank you for the great experience.  What a lovely time we had.  I will miss you all.  Love ya!”  Stanley & Killey, TX


04/17/09 – “Thanks, your web site lived up to our expectations and more. XX”  A & G, England


04/16/09 – “Such fun!  We loved it all!  Thanks.”  Ray & Grace, Hope, ME


04/15/09 – “It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely dogs.  Thank you.” Marianne & Caroline, Boston & Switzerland


04/10/2009 – “Celebrating a BIG birthday and the best gift of all, New Friends!  Thank you, Andy & Doug, for all the nice touches, nice words and niceness.  God Bless.”  Linda & Eileen


04/03/09 – “Doug, Andy & The Kids, Thank you for a memorable and heartwarming stay!  Always keep true!  Love” Rebecca & Spencer  


03/31/09 – “Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality and great breakfast and conversation.  We have never enjoyed a place we stayed more than ‘The Rockmere’.  All the best.”  Jan & Larry, MA


03/29/09 – “Dear Andy, thanks for sending my scarf. – Still need it, at least for this week!  Hope to see you this summer when we can enjoy cocktails on the porch.   Kind regards,” Dee, Boston, MA


03/29/09 – “Dear Andy & Doug, Thank you so much for the great weekend.  We had a lot of fun and haven’t laughed like that since, well since the last time we were there!  We can’t wait to see you and the kids again come this summer, maybe even sooner if we’re able to.  Once again, thank you so much for the lovely anniversary card.  It was very sweet of you.  You guys totally ROCK!!!  Love you both,”  Jude & Tina, MA


03/20/09 – “Wonderful visit -  beautiful view and great company.  We will be back!  Thank you.”  Kathleen & Bill


03/08/09 – “As always wonderful stay.  My home away from home.  See you at Easter.”  Pat “OB”, Chelmsford, MA


02/28/09 – “Doug & Andy, Don and I wanted to thank you again for your gracious hospitality.  We really had a great time.  We’re definitely coming back in May or June.  We can only say good things about ‘Rockmere’.  Maybe next time Mable will pay us a visit.”  Don & Peggy


02/23/09 – “Always, always have a super time when we come to Rockmere.  Good food, good conversation, lots of laughs and great company!  We’ll be back again.  Love you guys, our great friends – like family.  Love,”  Barbara, Sue, John, Springfield, MA


02/23/09 – “Great place, great time.  Nice meeting you, we hope to be back.”  Doug & Cindy, Shannock, RI


02/19/09 – “Dear Andy & Doug, thank you for a lovely stay at ‘Rocky’.  Mark and I enjoyed our time in Ogunquit very much.  With all of our conversation of ‘Mabel’ and all things ghostly, we forgot to leave the keys behind.  Sorry for an inconvenience.”  Kerry, MA


02/17/09 – “Dear Andy & Doug, As always thank you for the relaxation, pampering, yummy breakfast and coffee.  It’s a pleasure to be here.  Love,”  Ina & Gary, Stoughton, MA


02/15/09 – “Your place is the best one I’ve ever gone to.  You helped make my girlfriend’s surprise a reality.  Your place is so cozy and welcoming and, Andy and Doug, you are so fun to be around.  Thank you for a wonderful Valentine’s weekend.  I’ll see you in July.”  Alley & Melinda


02/08/09 – “We had a lovely stay at your ‘grand lady by the sea’.  Sorry we couldn’t see Mabel in the flesh.”  Kerry & Mark, Malden, MA


02/08/09 – “Had a wonderful time.  Breakfast was wonderful too!  Thanks for your hospitality.  Bye to Mabel.”  John & Maurine, Chelmsford, MA 


02/07/09 – “Had the greatest two nights.  I thank you so much for your hospitality.  Paul & Janet


01/31/09 – “Thank you Doug & Andy!  Everything was just lovely especially our breakfast conversation.”  Christine & Michael


01/25/09 – “Thank you both for a wonderful birthday and another fantastic stay at Rockmere!  See you again this summer.”  Love, Charles & Eileen, Nashua, NH


01/25/09 – “2nd time was magical.  Best wishes and see you again soon.”  Jim & Cheryl, Belmont, MA


01/11/09 – “Doug & Andy, another great stay.  We love you guys and will be back soon again.  Take care a do come down to see us soon.”  Leona & Richard, NH


01/10/09 – “Hi Doug & Andy, we took off early due to the impending weather at home.  We had a fantastic stay with you at your beautiful lodge!  You were both so kind and thoughtful and we will definitely be back.  Take care.”  Gary & Steve


01/04/09 – “Andy & Doug, we had a great time!  Thank you for being gracious hosts, good cooks and unforgettable conversationalists (especially Andy).  We feel we’ve known you guys for years.  Don’t be surprised to see us back in the near future.  Thanks again.”  Don & Peggy


01/02/09 – “Andy and Doug, Thanks for everything.  Happy New Year!  See you soon.”  Despima & Arthur


12/12/08 – “Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality that kept going through the Ice Storm & Power Outage.  It was a birthday to remember.  We loved the wonderful decorations and all the little finishing touches.  You have a wonderful place here.  I’m sure we will come back again one day.  Best wishes.”  Michelle & Kevin, England


12/08/08 – “We have had the best time!  Now we understand Janet’s love for Rockmere and you two, and the dogs.  We will be back.”  XOXO  Maureen & Jerry, Ridgefield, CT


11/30/08 – “Thank you for everything.  We love coming here.  You make us feel so at home.  Thank you so much for the Little Rascal Video.  We’ll see you soon.  Love you guys.”  Artie & Despima


11/16/08 – “Andy & Doug, we found Rockmere by pure luck.  It was our first trip to Ogunquit and we found you place.  We feel so fortunate to be here for the weekend.  This trip is for our 23rd Anniversary.  I hope we can celebrate our 24th next year with you again.”  Christian & Louisa


11/16/08 – “Doug and Andy, we cannot tell you how wonderful it was to come here and enjoy Maine at your wonderful place.  We will definitely come back to visit you again.  Until next time,”  Allison & Bobbie


11/10/08 – “Doug, Andy & the kids, thank you for your extra hospitality.  Another great time.  It’s our home away from home.  Happy Thanksgiving!  See you soon,”  Leona & Richard, NH


11/02/08 – “Thanks to both of you for another nice holiday at Rockmere Palace. J  See you soon.”  Louis and Diane, Canada


10/22/08 – “Thanks for a great time.  I wish it was longer.  You always make the time spent like we are part of your family.  Andy, happy birthday again.  I enjoyed spending our special day together.  Bob have a safe trip.  Doug, thanks for putting up with Mark!”  Joanie, CT


10/22/08 – “Andy, Doug, Bob, beautiful Room (5), good friends, and great fires!  Thank you and Happy Holidays.  Love,”  Mark & Joan, Bethany, CT


10/18/08 – “Dear Bob, Andy and Doug, thank you so much for making our stay here at Rockmere feel like being ‘home’ in Ogunquit.  You are good and true friends whom we cherish and look forward to spending more time with you for many years to come.  Please continue to five Fritz, Cleo, Moosie and Gretchen pets and snacks from us!  Enjoy the wine!  Bob, we will see you on Friday.  Love,”  Mary & Jeff, Stuart, FL


10/16/08 – “Thank you for your hospitality and laughter.  We had a great time.”  Joe & Sarah, Hamden, CT


10/13/08 – “Here we are again for our 4th stay on our anniversary.  It was a lovely visit as always.  Thank you!”  Stephen & Michelle, East Bridgewater, MA


10/12/08 – “What a fabulous place – the innkeepers so entertaining!  Very quiet (except for Andy J).  We’ll definitely recommend to others!”  Jill & Peter


10/12/08 – “A heavenly stay in Maine thanks in part to your wonderful hospitality.  Your B&B covers what a place should be when you are looking to have fun!  Thanks so much.’  Roberto & Steve, Claremont, CA


10/10/08 – “We really enjoyed our stay.  Gracious hosts and a ‘Fab’ Inn.  We’ll come back again!”  Canathan & Milce, Provincetown, MA


10/10/08 – “We really enjoyed our stay here.  And thank you especially for ordering the ‘primo’ warm weather!  Our winter coats & gloves were tossed aside!  Thanks.”  Dr. &  Pat, Liberty Lane, Washington


10/09/08 – “Hate to leave.  Will definitely return and send people here.”  Ginger & Humair, Dallas, TX


10/07/08 – “Really enjoyed our stay and first time in Maine.  Hope to return sometime.”  Rick & Lisa, Shelbyville, IN


10/05/08 – “Friendly and considerate to us, it made the trip to these shores a terrific anniversary.  We hope to return.”  Ray & Anne, Pittsburgh, PA


10/02/08 – “What a beautiful home you have!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  Our room was decorated in my favorite blue, white & yellow (3).  It’s so relaxing.  We hope to return in the near future.”  Jim & Nancy, Kansas


09/28/08 – “Love staying here!  You guys are great!  The dogs are great!  It’s just like home with out the work!!”  Janet


09/28/08 – “Three great guys and 4 awesome dogs!  Who could ask for more?  Delicious gourmet breakfasts and the most comfortable cozy bed and rooms!  I love it here and don’t ever want to leave.  Thanks so much.”  Chris


09/28/08 – “You guys are so great.  Can’t I stay forever??”  Fondly, Karen


09/25/08 – “We’re back!!  I know you’re glad J.  You don’t have to say it.  This is our favorite spot in the whole wide world.  Did I tell you we don’t travel much?  Ha Ha  We really do love it here but you know that.  How many times have we been here?  Love yah!”  Tim & Barb 

            P.S.      A place to relax.

                        A place to smile.

                        A place to forget.

                        A place to enjoy.



09/24/08 – “What a wonderful & special place you have.  It was just what we needed.  We’ll look forward to a return visit.  Thank you all.”  Connie & Chuck, Colorado  


09/23/08 – “We had a wonderful time once again – We love our room, hearing and seeing the ocean!  Thank you for making Rockmere Inn feeling like home.”  Bill & Valarie  


09/22/08 – “We loved that you share your home and abundant beauty with us!”  Nancy, Des Moines, Iowa  


09/21/08 – “Definitely the Rockmere, a ‘beautiful place by the sea’.  We hope to be back sooner, than later.  Great service!”  Gerry & Jill, Clinton, CT  “P.S. It’s like coming home.”


09/20/08 – “Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and delicious breakfasts.  I think we had the best room in the house – amazing views.  And the perfect weather, thanks for arranging that!  Blessing”  Lee and Jane, Middlesex, VT  


09/19/08- “Doug, Andy, Bob, thank you for the hospitality!  It gives new meaning to the word vacation!  We enjoyed our stay at your beautiful home – and felt right at home!”  Tony & Heidi, Buffalo, NY


09/15/08 – “Thanks for a great overnight.  Such a wonderful room & view (Annamarie).  Reminiscent of our City Island childhood”  Jeanne & Madeline  


09/15/08 – “Andy, Bob, Doug, what a magical experience!  Thank you for rejuvenating my heart & refreshing my soul!  The love & energy are felt here with every moment – from the picture-perfect beautiful to the last smile at night – watching the gorgeous seascape from the upper loft with beautiful music & a taste of wine from beautiful crystal glasses J.  The lovely colors, the gazebo overlooking the sea, the trickles of the fountains, the intimate seating area, encouraging wonderful conversation all over your spirits soaring!  Loved Andy’s stories & the fun of Doug & Bob – What a way to start the day!  A very memorable vacation!”  Carol & Al  


09/14/08 – “Thank you for such an incredible vacation.  This has been the best vacation experience we have ever had.  All three of you are considerate & great hosts.  We are happy to include you in our circle of friends and family.  Was a pleasure to be here & share your hospitality and talk on the porch.  The dogs are a delight & very well mannered.  God bless & good luck with the ordeal.”  Leona & Richard, New Hampshire  


09/13/08 – “Thank you for sharing your stories.  We had a lovely visit and swim!”  Kate & Chris, Wayland, MA  


09/12/08 – “In continuation from last September (2007), we are still happy and overwhelmed with the treatment we have received.  As to being adopted as Aunt and Uncle by you, we have been and are blessed.  God bless!”  Love, Uncle Joe and Aunt Gloria  


09/07/08 – “After more than 40 years of coming to Ogunquit – without a doubt this was the most delightful weekend ever.  Thanks so much.” Charles & Joyce  


09/02/08 – “Thank you so much for a lovely stay.  You guys are awesome.  Breakfasts were great.” Sincerely, Doug & Hend  


09/02/08 – “Thank you very much!  We loved our room, our breakfasts and the ‘dogs’.”  Sincerely, Melissa and Suzan  


08/29/08 – “Doug, a note to thank you and say the memory of Ogunquit is that much better because of your welcome and your thoughtfulness and cooking which will be remembered for many days.”  Kermit & John  


08/29/08 – “We love Rockmere Lodge!  The house, the room, the dogs give a really warm atmosphere.  Andy, Bob and Doug you are really kind and charmers.  The breakfasts are delicious.  Thank you.  We intend to come back.  Syhre-Remi” Sunny & Cloudy


08/27/08 – “Thank you for making our 9th trip to Rockmere as memorable as our 1st.  See 8/19/09 can’t come fast enough for us!  Love you.”  Charlene & Don, New Jersey  


08/26/08 – “We’ll be back!  What a way to wake up with a spectacular ocean view while still in bed!  And muffins to die for!” Kerry & Bob  


08/22/08 – “Thanks for a wonderful stay – We loved ‘The Drudy, #7’.  Great meeting the dogs too!”  Evan & Emilie, Brooklyn, NY  


08/21/08 – “Thanks for a great stay.  You have a beautiful place here.  I love the décor!  Have a great summer!  Thank you.”  Kelly & Bob  


08/18/08 – “Thank you for the lovely stayJ.”  Jenn and Mike, Charlotte, NC  


08/17/08 – “Well this is awful!  We have had such an amazing time here, and now I have to return to my boring existence in Laseassas, Tennessee and my daughter, Gina, must resume caring for her active four year old in Atlanta.  This place is perfectly heavenly.  Haven’t slept so well in years.  Great company, great atmosphere, breakfasts and comfortable accommodations.  You guys rock!”  Nettie, Tennessee; Gina, Georgia  


08/15/08 – “Another perfect stay – Excellent accommodations, delicious food, great conversation.  A truly delightful stay once again.  See you soon.” Kevin & Sheila  

08/15/08 – “Thank you for a nice relaxing get a way!  The house and gardens are beautiful!  We enjoyed relaxing, breakfasts and surfing!  Thanks for your hospitality.”  Ann & Bernie


08/13/08 – “We would like to thank you for your hospitality & welcoming spirit!  We hope to return soon.  Also the water pressure (shower) was fantastic!”  Bill & Sue  


08/05/08 – “Andy, Bob & Doug, Thank you for a wonderful & relaxing stay.  We had a great ‘get away.’  This could not have been a better place for it.”  Maggie & Chris  “P.S. Doug, sorry I never got around to that yard work!”


08/03/08 – “Andy, Bob, Doug, our first time staying at your Inn but certainly not the last!  Wonderful accommodations, excellent food & the best of the best innkeepers!  Happy Summer.”  The Fairbanks, The Benton’s


08/03/08 – “Andy, Bob, Doug, thank you for a wonderful weekend!  Rockmere is a truly charming place, and you as hosts know no peers – gracious, hospitable, friendly and funny!  Many thanks and all the best!”  Fred & Phyllis  


08/02/08 – “Andy, Bob, Doug – you guys are the best!  I loved staying here and in all honesty have had one of the best times of my life.  Thank you for everything especially the humor and comfort you shared over my 2 days here.  I’ll send you my blueberry corn muffin recipe!”  Judy J       


08/1/08 – Doug, Andy, Bob, had another great time and laugh with you all.  Great food and good company.  Hope to see you in Dec? or next summer.  (I’ll finish the weeding then, Doug.)  Take care and be good.”  Sandi & Roland


07/29/08 – “Dearest 3 guys & a house!  Doug, Andy, Bob & kids.  We leave with endless memories thanks to all of you!!!  We look forward to returning next year – The journey holds dear to our heart.  Good food!  Good Company!  Good times!  Thanks for all that you do!!!  Warm smiles,”  Patty & Mark, San Jose, California


07/28/08 – “On the first night of our trip (honeymoon actually) – we had a wonderful stay!  Thank you for the kind hospitality and comfortable stay.  We’ll remember the ‘Rockmere’ as we make our way up the coast.”  Julie & Mark, Louisville, Kentucky 


07/28/08 – “Dear Bob, Andy, Doug, Moosie, Cleo, Fritz & Gretchen, thank you so much for once again (for the 7th year!) sharing your beautiful home with us and making us feel like it is also our home.  We had a great time and appreciated the added bonus of great weather!  See you next year.  Have a good winter.”  Karen & Warren, Middleton, MA


07/28/08 – “Once again our stay here was wonderful.  Thank you for your hospitality.”  Susan & John, Plantation, Florida


07/27/08 – “Thanks again for a wonderful stay.  We always enjoy coming back!  See you again soon!”  Joanne & Don, Warwick, RI


07/26/08 – “Thank you for being perfect hosts!  Looking forward to seeing you in the future.  Great place, everything is just what the internet said.  Best wishes for a healthy & good year.”  Judy & Larry, Wanaque, NJ


07/26/08 – “Guy’s it was awesome!  Your kindness and hospitality superb.  Location even made the ‘rainy’ weather easy to bear.  Thanks so much!  Good luck and continued success.”  Pauline & Bob


07/25/08 –       “Delicious Breakfast

                        Delightful Conversation

                        Design is Divine

                        Wonderful New Friends

                        Bob, Andy, Doug,

Thank you for a wonderful 5 days. 

Hope to see you next year.”  

Sandie & David, Manchester, NH


07/24/08 – “Bob, Andy, Doug – Until we meet again take care of yourselves.  What an absolutely beautiful place to spend our honeymoon.  I am nearly in tears thinking about leaving your beautiful home and delicious breakfasts!  It felt as if I was at a relative’s home for the week.  It sure spoils you to stop at such a homey, quiet and secluded place.  God bless you all.”  Marty and Gary, Norwalk, Ohio,  “P.S.  Give your doggies kisses and goodbye from us!!”


07/23/08 – “Libby with daughters.  Had a great time!  Love your home & hospitality.  Stop by when you come to San Diego.”


07/22/08 – “We came as strangers but leave as friends.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.  Love the doggies.”  Ellie & Laurie


07/20/08 – “Bob, Andy, Doug – It was wonderful.  This place is a shining gem; gardens, food, view and hosts.  Thank you.”  Joan & John, Peterborough, NH


07/20/08 – “Thanks as usual for an awesome visit with ‘My Boys’.  Be back sooner than later.”  Pat, Chelmsford, MA


07/18/08 – “Thank you for your hospitality.  We enjoyed our extended stay, breakfast and the company.”  Sue & Mallory, Cleveland, OH


07/16/08 – “Had a great time.  Thanks so much.”  Rich & Helen, Colorado Springs, CO


07/14/08 – “Enjoyed the place as much as ever.”  Tony & Mary, Brandon, FL


07/13/08 – “Great time, very peaceful.”  Dan, Beverly MA


07/14/08 – “We loved the location.  Easy access to beach, Marginal Way, great food.  Loved our room.  Relaxed in the Gazebo in the evening.  We will be back.”  Cindy & Issac, Cambridge, NY


07/11/08 – “You have a lovely place & the view was unbelievable.  Thank you.”  Karen & Steve, Paoli, PA


07/10/08 – “Great place, beautiful area.  Try ‘Arrows Restaurant.’  The best!!  Thanks.”  Vanessa, MA


07/08/08 – “Lovely gem at ocean’s edge.  Bob, Andy, Doug – great place, great food, great stay!  Thanks.”  Diane & Mike, Nashua, NH


07/07/08 – “Bob, Doug, Andy, we had a wonderful time on our vacation & can’t thank you enough for your hospitality.  Special thanks for all the great breakfast food, it’s my favorite meal of the day and I was never disappointed.”  Liz & Todd


07/07/08 – “Thank you Andy, Bob & Doug for a wonderful stay!  Your company was great.  Thumbs up to Doug in the kitchen.  Great job, friends.  Hope to be back soon.”  Your friends, Sal, Shawn, Christie, Debbie, NYC


07/06/08 – “We may have to make this an annual visit.  Wonderful, Wonderful!  It’s a little bit of heaven!  Thank you.”  Herb & Arlene, Louisville, KY


07/03/08 – “Great company, fabulous views, very comfortable stay!”  Carolyn & Tony, Kansas City, MO


07/03/08 – “Great sunrise, beautiful scenery.”  Glen & Carole, Annapolis, MD


07/02/08 – “Absolutely loved this place.  The porch & big window allows wonderful breezes.  So refreshing.  Would love to come back to this beautiful, tranquil place.”  Donna & Stu


07/01/08 – “Thanks for a great little vacation!!  Wishing you three all the best!”  Stephanie & Leondrio, “The Montrealiers”


06/29/08 – “We loved everything about the Rockmere!  The room is just beautifully decorated & the breakfast yummy!  Thanks for a great stay.”  Lauren & Gary


06/28/08 – “Thank you so much for your hospitality.  We had a lovely stay.  Your home is beautiful, gardens are amazing and breakfast delicious.  We can’t wait to come back.”  Raul & Lila


06/20/08 – “We are so fortunate we found you on the internet.  We loved our stay.  Loved Doug’s breakfast and the delightful place settings each morning.  (Gourmet Magazine has nothing on you)  By the way, the porch conversations are great fun.  Thanks for a memorable four days.”  Frank & Jessie, Lincoln, CA


06/20/08 – “We have had the most wonderful time as your guests.  The accommodations are lovely, the food fantastic and the company the best.  We enjoyed chatting with you every morning and will miss the quietness of the evening.  Be on the lookout…We will be back.”  Tony & Carol


06/18/08 – “I am not fluent with words but I want to say how wonderful our visit was.  It was a pleasure being here.  The Inn, food, & views were outstanding – but the company & hospitality were the best.  All of you are great.  Thank you so much.  Loved the talks.  Take care.”  Sharon & Joey


06/13/08 – “We’re so taken with Rockmere Lodge that we can’t even remember whether it our first or second anniversary!  I bet that Doug doesn’t know either.  Thank you as always for sumptuous lodging and breakfast.  Not to mention the friendly banter.  As soon as we pick up that measly 3.4 million, we’ll move next door.”  Fondly, Emily & David


06/08/08 – “Another memorable stay at Rockmere Lodge.  J  Thank you to both of you.  Have a nice summer!  See you next year!”  Diane & Louis, Quebec


06/08/08 – “We had such a wonderful time staying with you & we will for sure be back so watch out.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to get engaged at.  You made our weekend & memories.  The food was great, the story was great.  Thanks for everything.”  Ellen & Ethan


06/04/08 – “Though we are here in beautiful Maine, we feel not far from home because of your hospitality.  Thanks.”  Marlene & Harold, Texas


06/03/08 – “It was a wonderful stay.  We will definitely be back.  The location is superb.  Doug and Andy are fun and terrific Innkeepers.  Thank you so much.”  Jennifer & John


06/01/08 – 06/04/08 – “Thanks for a wild, wacky and wonderful time.  You guys are great & this place is lovely.  Thanks for the tea in the gazebo.”  Fran & John


06/01/08 – “From the 1st we spoke to the last words spoken, you were the best.  Thank you.”  Eric & Cindy


05/31/08 – “We can’t say enough!!  We really enjoyed ourselves and you both are wonderful hosts.  I can’t thank you enough for the plants.  That was the nicest thing anyone has done in a long while.  I hope to bring Sheila back for her birthday next year!  Be good till then.”  Barb & Sheila, Maine


05/31/08 – “April and I had a terrific time.  We couldn’t have thought of a better place to spend our vacation.  Andy, your stories were wonderful t listen to and you laugh was contagious.  Doug, your food was so delicious and the presentation was beautiful and you bacon was splendid.  April would 2 pounds before she leaves!”  Rich and April, PA


05/30/08 – “We had a fantastic time with you.  Thanks for pushing the weather buttons for us.  We hope to be back again soon.  Andy & Doug you were excellent hosts and we enjoyed every minute of our stay.”  Rena & Peter


05/19/08 – “Gar and I were here last November 07.  We had such a wonderful time we had to come back again.  Only this time we wanted to share your beautiful home with a few members of our family.  We had a beautiful time and your home helped create memories we will treasure.  Until next time.”  Monique & Gar


05/08/08 – “Thank you for your hospitality.  A wonderful way to turn 60.”  Sally Jane & Mark


05/01/08 – “This must be “The” place to be for 30th anniversary.  We had a wonderful stay.  Thank you so much!”  Cam & Jerry


04/26/08 – “A great three (3) days.  The conversation and the food were to my liking.  Hope to visit again.  Thank you.”  John


04/26/08 – “What a wonderful experience.  You made my time in Ogunquit a great experience.  Loved the conversation and the great cooking.”  Kathy


04/21/08 – As always we had a wonderful restful time in this beautiful place with our beautiful innkeeper “friends”.”  Dave & Al, Boston, MA


04/21/08 – “We were very, very pleasantly surprised by our stay here.  Finding places on the internet sometimes can be risky, but we are delighted by Rockmere.  If we have opportunity to re-visit Maine, we will not hesitate to book here.  God bless.”  Matt and Pamela, Brooklyn, MO


04/21/08 – “What a memorable spot to celebrate a birthday!  Great hospitality, good food, and good company.  Oh & by the way, the oceans pretty impressive too!  Thanks for a great time!”  Joe & Honey, S. Windsor, CT


04/14/08 – Rockmere & Ogunquit were the perfect location for our kid free get away before baby #2 arrives.  We relaxed, we walked and enjoyed our unusually leisurely pace all weekend.  Thank you for your hospitality.”  Alix & Ian, Lexington, MA


04/13/08 – “The charm of Rockmere is surpassed only but the charm of the Innkeepers!  We enjoyed our stay.  We’ll see you again.”  Barbara & Tom, Cranston, RI


04/12/08 – “Our only full bathroom at home has been “torn up” for remodeling for the past 3 weeks.  We came here just to take showers (just kiddingJ).  This is an amazing place.  Thank you, Doug & Andy.  You altered our state of mind.  Sincerely,”  Jeff & Jane, Neffs, PA


04/06/08 – Thank you for wonderful weekend.  The best B&B I’ve ever stayed at.  The house is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.  We are so lucky to have met you both.  We will be back.  Peace always.  Marilyn & Blake,   “P.S. Breakfast was great!”


04/06/08 – You two were great!  We had a very restful stay and the room was just beautiful.  We hope to come back soon.”  Gerry & Karen


03/30/08 – “Andy & Doug, many thanks for a wonderful b’day weekend!!  Our (#2) room was so peaceful and resting.  You guys were great.  We had so many laughs with you both.  We’ll be back (watch out) J  Lots of love and peace.”  Elizabeth & Kim


03/30/08 – “Andy & Doug, you are the “greatest!”  It would have been a huge disappointment if I had never had the opportunity to have met you.  I have never felt so welcome by anyone in the hospitality industry.  You run a first class B&B.  Your home is full of charm, character and love!  You are both so personable and the very best with people.  I peeked in most rooms after everyone checked out.  Each one with its own theme and so very clean.  I will definitely be back but I am not sure which room I would choose.  I want to stay in all of them.  Doug’s breakfast was awesome (great cook), and Andy our waiter managed to create a full dining room of family without much effort!  We over stayed our time here, don’t want to leave and go home.  I truly can’t wait to come back.  You guys are so entertaining with a wealth of sophistication but so down to earth and real.  I will recommend everyone to the Rockmere if they are looking for some place in Southern Maine.  Stay in touch please and when in the mid-coast area please come to see me.  Anne, Damriscotta, ME  “P.S. Doug, I appreciated our time and conversation”


03/30/08 – “What can I say, everything happens for a reason.  We came here (we were sent here from someone up above).  You are both wonderful people, and I know that I met friends.  I will be back again and again.  Take good care.”  Kathleen, Maine


03/30/08 – “What a Wonderful B&B.  What fabulous hosts you are!  We had a soothing, relaxing. romantic and fun weekend.  We’ll be back!”  Cheryl & Jim


03/30/08 – Doug & Andy, We had such a wonderful and relaxing time.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Will be back soon!”  Krissy & Brian, Pepperill, MA


03/01/08 – “Thank you Andy & Doug for sharing your home and yourselves with us.  It was the winter honeymoon we had hoped for.”  Carolyn & Krista


02/19/08 – “Thank you so much for a wonderful stay.  The room and view were magnificent!  Breakfast was divine.  We look forward to visiting again.”  Janice and Lauralyn


02/18/08 – “Andy & Doug, Thank you for giving us the perfect place and time for our emergency mental health get away.  It was beyond exactly what we needed.  Here’s to lots of love, piano bar (Front Porch Res) and “Golden Girls”.”  Heme & Alisha


02/17/08 – “Dear Andy & Doug, You open your home to us and made us feel not like guests but like family.  For that we thank you.  We hope to see you again in the summer time.”  Jose & Jeneen


01/21/08 – “Dear Andy & Doug, Had a great time, thanks for pampering me!”  Ina & Gary, Stoughton, MA


01/13/08 – “So glad we got to see some of the Christmas decorations.  Everything was lovely.”  Tori & Chris, Austin, Texas


01/06/08 – “Thank you Doug & Andie and for everything.  We’ll bring home souvenirs of beauty and happiness!! J”  Louis & Diane, Canton de Magog, Quebec, Canada


01/02/2008 – “We opened the door and we wanted to yell ‘we are home!’  We were received with open arms.  Where else in Ogunquit and where would you get such  reception.  Nightly gathering by the fireplace, surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations and our two friends, Doug and Andy.  We are more than friends, we are now family.  A home filled with love and warmth. You leave with a smile on your face and love in your heart.”  Dafne, Lexington, MA


01/02/2008 – “Doug & Andy, you define a level of hospitality far above innkeepers and clients.  It is a unique category of family.  Rockmere is our Ogunquit home and we will always be back.  This was by far the best New Year celebration punctuated by gathering around your fireplace.  Thank you for everything.”  Dafne & Charles, Lexington, MA


01/01/2008 – “Dear Andy & Doug, we couldn’t ask for a better time with you guys.  Toasting to the New Year with you guys was special.  Your Inn is spectacular.  I think it will take years to see everything. Every time I turn around there is something else to see (I wonder how many Santa’s there are.)  Hey, we have a timeshare here, but I would rather be here.”  Lew & Andrea, Framingham, MA


12/10/2007 – “Dear Doug & Andy, our get away to Maine was a ball & was enforced by your hospitality as well as your other guests.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & will be back as part of your extended family many times I am sure!”  Andrea, Clearwater Beach, FL,  Barbara, Denver, CO,  Riva & Jamie, Atlanta, GA


12/09/2007 – “Andy & Doug, I am so sad to be leaving!  This was the best time ever.  Friends forever,”  Carol, Florida


12/09/2007 – “Dear Doug & Andy, we had a wonderful Christmas by the Sea!  You are the best!!  Miss you already!  Lots of love,”  Jersey Jeff & Cindy


12/09/2007 – “Andy & Doug, we hope you enjoy the surprise we left for you as much as we enjoyed our visit to this little piece of heaven by the sea.”  Love, Janet, Ridgefield, CT


12/07/2007 – “We’re so happy to be here!!”  Andrea, Barb, Reva & Jamie, Georgia, Colorado & Florida


11/25/2007 – “Our stay was wonderful.  Our walks were a great way to re-connect with each other.  Looking forward to a return visit.”  Kathy & Paul, Methuen, MA


11/18/2007 – “Thanks so much!  It was nice talking with you.  We’ll see you again.”  Dan & Elizabeth, Somerville, MA


11/16/2007 – “Very nice time.  Great hosts and doggie company!”  Greg & Jenn, Brant Rock, MA


11/14/2007 – “Thanks for the hospitality.”  Jess & Ann, Culver City, CA


11/12/2007 – “Thank you for a wonderful weekend in you lovely home.  We look forward to coming back in the future.”  Clint & Catherine, Hanover, NH


11/12/2007 – “Thanks for a wonderful stay in your lovely home.  Mmmmm – great breakfast.”  Jane & Jeff, Wrentham, MA


11/09/2007 – “Thanks for the great hospitality (and for letting us say hello to the dogs).”  Bob & Linda, Colchester, CT


11/04/2007 – “Awesome experience and certainly a dream come true for me to visit Maine.  We will return & may you have peace, health and happiness.”  In Christ, Karen & Bill, Woodruff, SC


11/02/2007 – “Thanks for the great accommodations and delicious breakfast.”  John & Helene, Houston, TX


10/28/2007 – “Thanks for the lovely stay and making the sun come out.  Enjoy your stay in Florida, Bob.”  Mike & Kathy, Nashua, NH


10/27/2007 – “Thanks for the stories.”  Sahara & Andy, Cambridge, MA


10/25/2007 – “It was just lovely.  The perfect get away.”  Laurie & Bob, Pittsford, NY


10/21/2007 – “Thanks for the hospitality – We fell in love with Rockmere.  Particularly the view from the 3rd floor at sunrise!  Hopefully we’ll see you again.”  Tom & Kathy, Delmar, NY


10/20/2007 – “Bob, Doug, Andy, thank you much for a memorable stay.  The amenities are one thing but the hospitality was unsurpassed.”  Jon & Ruth, Newport, VT


10/19/2007 – “Had a wonderful time.  Beautiful and peaceful.”  Toni & Michael, Gloucester, MA


10/19/2007 – “A beautiful relaxing stay at a charming B&B.”  Sandi & Ed, Leawood, KS


10/18/2007 – Wonderful, wonderful vacation for us.  Thank you.  We will be back!”  Michelle & Warren, Sherman Oaks, CA


10/17/2007 – “Great place to say.  So relaxing.”  Chris & Mike, Ruislip, England


10/17/2007 – “Everything was so beautiful and so nice!! J  You made our honeymoon special and wonderful memories.  Thank you so much.”  Kelley & Earl, St. Louis, MO


10/17/2007 – “Another fabulous stay on our 10th anniversary tour!! J  Breakfast & conversation was fabulous.  Look forward to rooming again with Barbara Sue. (Enjoy Florida Bob!!)”  Christine & Darin, Nova Scotia, Canada


10/15/2007 – “You guys thought of everything!  I especially enjoyed your friendliness and sitting in the ‘crows nest’ watching ocean with tranquil music in the background.”  Carol & Ken, silver Spring, MD


10/15/2007 – “What a wonderful way to start our honeymoon.  Thanks for the perfect stay.”  Love, Dan & Amy, San Francisco, CA


10/14/2007 – “Enjoyed our stay, very unique B&B.  Great breakfast too!”  Mike & Shirley, London, Ontario, Canada


10/12/2007 – “Wonderful hosts, beautiful room, great food.  Thank you, we had a great time.”  Cristy & Jerry, Coral Springs, FL


10/09/2007 – “Lovely place.”  Ellen & John, Endicott, NY


10/07/2007 – “Doug, Andy, Bob, another fabulous stay at Rockmere, love the place!  Love you guys too!”  Pat & Wayne, Indiana


10/07/2007 – “Southern hospitality right here in Ogunquit!  Great place, great breakfast too!  Hope to be back when it snows!”  Lisa & John, Georgia


10/04/2007 – “What a comfortable room!  The view of the ocean…Truly amazing!  Thanks for the good breakfast.”  Fernando & William, NYC


09/30/2007 – “Thanks, both of you.  Everything is so perfect.  The place, the home, the room, the view, those breakfasts and naturally you, the boys and I can’t forget the dogs.  We’ll see you on July 2008.”  Jocelyne & Mario, Rosemere, PQ, Canada


09/30/2007 – “Andy, Doug & Bob, thanks for a great weekend.  The place is beautiful and personality of you guys and the canines made it even better!”  Chris, Karen & Janet, Leominster, MA                      “P.S. I came hungry and left full and happy.” Janet


09/28/2007 – “The view was worth a million dollars.  The room worth every penny.  The warmth and hospitality, friendship….priceless.”  Dwight & Elizabeth, West Greenwich, RI


09/28/2007 – “A lovely stay!  Beautiful room, delightful hosts.  Thanks for your hospitality!”  David & Nancy, Houston, TX    “P.S. Doug, Hope you heal fast!”


09/26/2007 – “Thanks for having us!  We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.”  Shawn & Ann, LaGrange, TX


09/26/2007 – “Thank you for making our stay here feel like home.  You have a beautiful place here.”  Jeannie & Don, Massena, NY


09/25/2007 – “Stayed for our 1st anniversary.  We had a great time.  Thank you for everything! J”  Jeannie & Joe, Davenport, FL


09/24/2007 – “Andy, Bob & Doug, this was an absolutely perfect experience.  Thanks to you and the exquisite weather.”  Larry & Nancy, Cary, NC


09/23/2007 – “We had a great time on our first trip to Maine.  Thanks so much.”  Adrianne & Jeff, Houston, TX


09/22/2007 – “Andy, Doug, Bob, Loved it.  Loved it.  Loved it!  You all are the best.  We had a great time, and we are definitely coming back.  Thank you so much for the ‘Maine’ hospitality.” Love, Cindy & Bob, Omaha, NE


09/21/2007 – “What a wonderful place!  This was just what we needed!!  We’ll be back.”  Cindy & Jersey Jeff, Piscataway, NJ


09/21/2007 – Thanks for the memories – We may have missed a year but not another – We love our time here and all the stories.”  Bob & Janet, Ridgefield, CT


09/21/2007 – “We enjoyed your beautiful and comfortable home very much.  Thanks also for your wonderful hospitality and delicious food!”  Joe & Gloria, Medford, MA


09/21/2007 – “Delightful.  Thanks for a great stay.  Excellent food.”  Richard & Tonya, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.


09/16/2007 - "Thanks for a great visit to Ogunquit.  Also for providing the perfect setting for me to ask my girlfriend to marry me. (She said yes J !) Even though she got sick – from not listening to Andy – we had a great time!  Thanks for letting us pet the dogs.  We missed our little girl while we were here.  We will definitely be back – and if you ever need someone to watch your B&B we are available.  We hope to someday own one of our own.  Thanks again!”  Shea & Julia, Northampton, MA


09/13/2007 - "We had a wonderful stay here!  Everything was perfect from our beautiful room (#6) to breakfast, to music, to lovely grounds and gracious hosts!  We will definitely want to come back here again and again!  Thank you Bob, Andy and Doug."  Bernie & Donna ♥, Rutland, VT


09/12/2007 - "You will have to travel far and wide before you find any more gracious hosts like Bob, Andy & Doug.  Hospitality, thy name is Rockmere!"  Ed & Ellie, Napa, CA


09/11/2007 – “Thank you for a lovely stay.  Though we live by the NJ beaches, there is nothing like the coast of Maine!  We enjoyed the newly renovated Annamarie room and the breakfast camaraderie.”  Brett & Colleen, Red Bank, NJ


09/08/2007 – “Hi Guys, this is the start of a new chapter (or book) in your lives. Wonderful is not the right word for the great time we have had.  You have put so many smiles on our faces that money could never buy.  It’s nice to become family.  Love yah,

(In no order)     especially Doug

especially Bob

especially Andy”

Tim & Barb, New York Mills, NY

P.S.  May your lives be filled with sunshine, God bless always. J


09/08/2007 – “I guess you would like me to say a few words.  Well I’ve heard people say what a wonderful time they had.  People say how delicious the food is.  People say how gorgeous the place is.  People say how nice you all are and I day they are right and much, much more.  There, I can be nice! J See you.”  Time & Barb, New York Mills, NY,   P.S. Happy Birthday, Doug


08/30/2007 – “Dear Andy, Doug, Bob, thank you very much for your hospitality.  It was a perfect get away.  Your suggestions were wonderful.”  Jake & Debby, Hollis Hills, NY


08/26/2007 – “Dear Andy, Bob, Doug, a little slice of paradise!  Thank your for a wonderful stay in your lovely B&B.  Best wishes,”  Robin & Carl, Bridgewater, NJ


08/26/2007 – “Thank you for a wonderful vacation.  #8 at Rockmere.  Great food, great friends, great conversation.  Love,”  Charlene & Don, Haddon Heights, NJ


08/26/2007 – “Andy, Bob & Doug, thanks for your warm hospitality!  Really enjoyed staying here and loved listening to all of Andy’s stories!  You all do such a fantastic job and made us feel so welcome.”  Jeff & Kathy, East Hampton, CT


08/25/2007 – “Doug, Bob, Andy –“Pearl”, we enjoyed the delicious food, stories and especially the breakfast banter!  It was a restful 3 days.  We plan to return!!!”  Lew & Ellie, Wyoming, RI


08/23/2007 – “Andy, Diz, Pearl, grown to love you and your stories.  You will be missed.  Doug, love the food, the grounds and your morning hello.  Bob, your grace, your smile and your company are the gifts that endeared us to this Inn!  We will be back – We truly loved it!  Bless you.”  Patty, Tianna & Debbie (give hugs and kisses to the pooches), Hudson, NH


08/23/2007 – “Doug, Andy & Bob, thanks so much for your hospitality.  We enjoyed our night here celebrating our 25th anniversary.  We hope to return.”  Mike & Leslie, Cummings, GA


08/20/2007 – “Guy’s – we’ve been coming to Ogunquit for years and didn’t know what we were missing until this year when we found your Rockmere Lodge.  We love it here.  You can be sure we’ll be back – again and again.”  Pat & Ken, Mansfield, MA


08/19/2007 – “Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  It was our first visit to Ogunquit and we hope to return.  Cheers!”  Colclough & Jeff, Hoboken, NJ


08/18/2007 – “We feel so blessed at our good fortune to have this pleasurable, however, short stay.  Hope we get to come again and stay longer.”  Cliff & Eileen, New Bern, NC


08/16/2007 – “Thanks for a wonderful 20th anniversary week.  We loved it!”  Mark & Julie, Lakewood, California


08/14/2007 – “What a wonderful time we had here with you.  The room, food, atmosphere -- terrific!  Can’t wait to come back!”  Gloria & Phil, Succasuna, NJ


08/14/2007 – “What a wonderful place to relax and meet new friends.  Many thanks.”  May & Gary, Charlotte, NC


08/11/2007 – “The third time was charmed!  We had a simply marvelous time!  Looking forward to Columbus Day Weekend.  Love you guys.”  Al and David, Boston, MA


08/09/2007 – “We’ve had a great time at your lovely Inn.  Of course, the Innkeeper’s play a big part in keeping things going.  You guys are terrific.  Hope to see you again next year.”  Arlene & Allan, Montreal, Quebec


08/04/2007 – “Bob, Andy, Doug, the best 20th anniversary we ever had!  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.  See you next year.”  Love, Dan & Mary Lu, Lacona, NY


07/30/2007“And, Bob & Doug, we had such a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful time.  We especially love the front porch!  Perfect for great conversation.  Thank you for everything.”  Lori & Craig, Trumbull, CT


07/30/2007 – “What a welcoming stay!  We hope to be back!  Thank you for everything!”  Rich & Lisa, Loveland, CO


07/30/2007 – “We really enjoyed the talk and the accommodations.”  Ron & Alexis, Hollywood, CA


07/30/2007 – “Dear Bob, Andy, Doug, thanks for the wonderful hospitality.  It was a wonderful experience and we appreciate what you did for us!  Cute doggies!”  Dan & Ben, Lawrence KS


07/30/2007 – “Dear Bob, Andy Doug, thank you for yet another great stay (our 5th here!).  As always it was beautiful, relaxing but too short!  Good to see you and the kids again.  See you next year.”  Karen & Warren, Middleton, MA


07/30/2007 – Bob, Andy, Doug, thank you for the wonderful blueberry pancakes and butter scotch muffins on the porch J”  Millie & Woody, Nashville, TN


07/29/2007 – “Well ‘Three Guys and a House’ sure make their guests feel warm and fuzzy.  Great hospitality, good food, great conversation with you and the other guests.  See you in September.  Thank you.”  Ken & Patty, Stoneham, MA


07/29/2007 – Bob, Andy, Doug, thank you, thank you, thank you!!  We had a fabulous time.  The rooms were absolutely lovely – the breakfast fabulous and our hosts (& their guests) fantastic!  We had a great 25th anniversary trip in great part due to you!  Thanks again.”  Genni & Wayne, Londonderry, NH


07/28/2007 – “Dear Bob, Andy, Doug, we loved it here.  Andy, will send you some hollyhock seeds from my garden.  We’ll be back.”  Bob & Linda, Rochester, NH


07/27/2007 – “Bob, Andy & Dog, thanks for a great stay.  Felt warm and comfortable with the great hospitality and good food (Doug).  Hope to return again later this year.  The B&B is a great place.”  Sandi & Roland, Westford, MA


07/25/2007 – “Thanks for a great stay.  Very pretty ocean views and a perfect location to enjoy walks to both Perkins Cove and downtown Ogunquit.  The best breakfast we have had in a long time!  Hope to be back again.  Thank you.”  Tina & Dan, Western Spring, IL


07/25/2007 – “Thanks for the enjoyable time here.  What a great place and remarkable views.  We hope to be back again.”  Jim & Susan, Cincinnati, OH


07/24/2007 – “Dear Bob, Andy & Doug, thank you for a wonderful stay (though too brief) in the most charming, beautiful decorated and landscaped B&B we’ve ever known.”  James & Scott, Manhattan, NY


07/24/2007 – “What fun!  What a lovely place.  Thank you for a lovely stay.”  Lew & Ellen, South Bend, IN


07/18/2007 – “You 3 guys & a house are marvelous! We appreciate your efforts, your love, and your attention to details.  Thank you for you.  We are grateful benefactors.  Sincerely,” Trish, Kansas City & John, Davis, CA


07/16/2007 – “Had a truly wonderful and relaxing time.  Beautiful home.  Wonderful company.  Thank you.”  Stephanie & George, Newburyport, MA


07/15/2007 – “Thank you all for a great nite and breakfast.  We are so glad we found this place by accident.  Hat to scare you but we will be back, just for Doug’s entertainment alone it was well worth it!”  Sue & Mark, MA


07/13/2007 – A paradise!  Thanks so much for the hospitality and the great tip about ‘Gypsy’s’.  A wonderful time at a wonderful place.”  Kevin & Sheila, RI


07/12/07 – “We came to escape the Georgia heat and found warmth in a charming town, a charming home and charming hosts!  (The lobster at The Lobster Pound wasn’t bad either).”  Dennis & Leanne, Atlanta, Georgia


07/11/2007 – “Lovely welcoming Inn, very comfortable.  ‘Watch that Doug tho…he’s to quiet.’  Love,”  Mary Ann & Sheila, Essex, England


07/02/2007 – “Andy, Doug & Bob, we had a wonderful & relaxing visit to your lovely home.  Everything was beautiful – the room décor, the gardens, the outstanding breakfasts.  We appreciate your warmth and hospitality.  We expect to visit again and we will send our friends your way.”  Michelle & Tom, Boston, MA


07/01/2007 – Andy & Doug, thanks to you both for your incredible hospitality.  You helped make our 1st anniversary as special as we hoped and knew it would be.  Your home is delightful with every amenity and the best breakfast around.  We will be joining you again – as friends and no longer strangers.”  Joe & Christine, Southampton CT


06/29/2007 – “Dear Andy & Doug, thanks for making our first trip to Maine a memorable one.  You certainly make your guests feel at home.  You (get) a thumbs up from George for great breakfasts.  It’s been a pleasure staying at Rockmere.  All our best.”  Maryann & George, Bethlehem, PA


06/28/2007 – “Our 10th wedding anniversary and our second time here.  Love the fabulous interior decoration.  Great stories and company.  It’s not just a B&B, it’s a home.  Best wishes and bright blessings.”  Stephen & Eileen, Ashland, MA


06/22/2007 – “We came as strangers, we left as friends.  Beautiful gardens and house.  Beautiful rooms.  But best of all Andy and Doug are the best.  They can’t do enough for you.  We will be back with friends.  With much love and thanks from our hearts.”  Dafne & Charles, Lexington, MA


06/22/07 – “Andy & Doug, thank you for everything!  We loved the accommodations and the whole place.  We will definitely be recommending your B&B to all our friends and family.  By the way I will be getting my revenge on you today for getting me off my diet.  I left some goodies for you that I picked up at the Goldenrod Candy Shop.”  Mason, Quebec, Canada


06/21/2007 – “We had a great time getting back to the Ogunquit area – almost forgot how beautiful the Marginal Way is & your place made our stay even more perfect.”  Emily & Joe, Auburn, NY


06/20/2007 – Doug & Andy, you made my Mom’s first trip to Maine extra special!  We could have sat on your porch & talked all day. J  You guys are the best and we hope to return soon and spend more relaxing time by the sea, watching the sky turn pink in the morning and listening to the wrens planning their days.  Hugs to both.”  Denise & Genova, Virginia


06/17/2007 – “Doug & Andy, thank you so much for your warm hospitality.  As we mentioned to you, we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and this was our first weekend away together since or kids come along!  (The oldest is almost 21!)  The whole experience was relaxing and re-energizing.  I haven’t slept this well in years.  Thanks again!”  Howard & Lisa, Marlborough, MA


06/17/2007 – “Breakfast by the sea

With zany repartee

A honeymooning treat

For Emily and Me.

Thank you Andy and Doug.”  David and Emily


06/15/2007 – “Thanks for the wonderful days at Rockmere Lodge.  It was a great experience with great conversation.  The breakfast was first class.  You guys really set the standard for how a B&B is presented and successfully run.  Thanks again, your friends from Iowa.”  Mike & Amanda


06/11/2007 – “What a wonderful experience.  We will definitely be back!  The room was so comfortable and inviting, the Inn was absolutely magnificent, and the breakfast on the porch overlooking the ocean was the tops!!  Thanks for everything.”  June & Sally, Mount Dora, FL


06/10/2007 – Andy, Bob & Doug, thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and thoughtfulness.  Everything was wonderful and even though we were here just one night it felt much longer and oh so rejuvenating.  We will be back again.”  Judy & Steven, NYC


06/10/07 – “Bob, Andy, Doug (& the kids too!)  Thanks for your hospitality.  You helped make our honeymoon really special.  We’ll see you in December.”  Courtney & Noel, NH


06/6-8/2007 – “We had a wonderful time.  The place has so much character and charm and everyone was so hospitable.  Thank you for everything – especially the blueberry pancakes.”  Susan & Karl, MA


06/5-6/2007 – “We loved the wonderful Anna Marie room!  Kept both windows open all night to hear the ocean!  You 3 gentlemen were great!  Wonderful food.”  Ron & Jackie, NY


06/01/2007 – “Bob, Andy, Doug and our new four legged friends, thank you for making our stay so enjoyable.  Thanks for the memories.”  Kathy & Jay


05/24/2007 – “We really enjoyed our stay at your wonderful B&B!  It felt like home!  Breakfast was superb!  We will be back”… Laura & Steve, Avon, CT  (Loved your decorating)


05/18/2007 – “Well, another great anniversary was spent in your lovely B&B.  We hope to see you three next year for our 22nd year anniversary”.  Marsha & Bob, Middletown, CT.


05/17/2007 – “It has been a great pleasure meeting the three of you.  We hope to come back on a sunny day!  Au Revoir”, Louise & Henry, Montreal


5/10/2007 – “Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and making Tom’s birthday special.”  Louis & Tom, Northampton, NH


04/29/2007 – “We had a wonderful time.  Comfortable room, terrific view, superb breakfast and the best hospitality.”  Lynne & Gary, MA


02/18/2007 – “Thanks for a beautiful valentines weekend away.  We were so at home and cozy.  You are the best.”  Susan & Tony, MA


02/04/2007 – “Loved our stay and Andy’s stories.”  Linda & Donna, MA


01/08/2007 - “Wonderful stay!  Steve celebrated his 50th in style.  Thank you so much.”  Mary Ann, MA


10/2006 – “We loved your place!  And the conversation this morning.  Hope you like jazz…Here’s my new CD.”  Jan, MA


10/2006 – “Thank you for taking care of us from Minnesota.  See you again.


10/10/2006 – “What a lovely way to start our honeymoon!  The view from our bedroom, the easy access to the beach, the delicious breakfast and the great advice on local restaurants made for a wonderful stay.”  Jennifer & Michael, Detroit, Michigan


10/02/2006 – “Thanks so much for a wonderful stay at your B&B.  It was a very relaxing time for us.  We hope to make it back to Maine again and will certainly want to come back to the Rockmere.  Hope to see you soon.”  Margarette & Patrick, Franklin, TN


09/30/2006 – “Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.  Good coffee!!  We loved our room.  Great home you have here.  We are relaxed and refreshed.”  Maria & Joann, Orient, NY


09/2006 – “We’ve celebrated several ‘milestone’ events here (Wayne’s birthday, Angie’s birthday and now our 30th anniversary).  We couldn’t think of a better place to be for these events.  Thanks once again for your generous hospitality.  We will be back.”  Angie & Wayne, Columbia, Maryland


08/2006 – “We had a great weekend—thank you for making our stay so wonderful.  This was just the best way to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  We’ll definitely be back.  Thanks again.”  Jaylene & Bob, Bennington, VT


08/30/2006 – “Rockmere only gets better each year.  Thank you for a wonderful week.  We’ll see you next August.”  Don & Charlene, New Jersey


08/24/2006 – “We had a wonderful time in your magnificent B&B.  The hospitality was great and also the service.  We enjoyed chatting with you.  Be sure we will be back.  Thanks for everything.”  Jose & Michael, Quebec City, Canada


08/23/2006 – “Thanks for the wonderful stay – The Inn is exquisitely decorated, the food was superb and the service excellent!  We appreciated the personal touches and warmth of all the lodgers.  Looking forward to coming back.”  John, Washington, DC


08/20/2006 – What a wonderful place and a great time we had here.  Thank you so much for the hospitality, we are looking forward to coming back again.  Enjoy the winter & we’ll see you again soon.”  Eileen & Charles, New Hampshire


08/18/2006 – “Thank you for a great stay.  My first trip to the east will not be forgotten thanks to you.”  Sharon, Romioville, IL


08/2006 – “Thank you so much to the three men and the house.  The bedrooms and breakfast were wonderful, and such a beautiful sunrise from Room #5.”  Best wishes, Paul & Diane, Manchester, NH


07/27/2006 – “A beautiful place by the Sea.”  “Comfortable bed, good food, great company, perfect ingredients for a wonderful holiday.  Thank you so much.”  Richard & Sue, London, UK


07/14/2006 – “Thank you for letting us stay at your lovely Bed & Breakfast.  It was my first visit to Maine and we can’t wait to come back.  Everything was perfect including our hosts.  I don’t remember a better night’s sleep.”  Nancy & Dennis, Greensboro, North Carolina


07/09/2006 – “What a great weekend.  Your B&B is beautiful, and oh sooo peaceful.  I loved waking up and seeing the ocean.  We will definitely be back.”  David & Jodi, Peterborough, NH


06/29/2006 – “Thank you so much for everything.  The food, the laughs, the beautiful views!  We hope to be back soon.”  Nora, George, Traci, Matt, New York, NY


06/30/2006 – “We discovered by chance (Internet) the most charming place in Ogunquit.  We thank you for a very nice stay.  While this is a little far away from home (Zurich), when we come back it will be at Rockmere.  We bring back wonderful memories with us (and the rain also).  Rejean


12/11/2005 – “As snow lay freshly fallen upon thy land

We exhale our troubles

Sink our feet in the sand. 

The snow painted the trees

A long winter roads n’er ends

We’re leaving in the holiday

Spirit with new friends.” 

Brian & Nick, Newport, RI


11/26/2005 – “Thanks so much for several days that will stay with us for a lifetime.  What a delicious retreat…Can’t wait to return…Take very good care of each other…The kids are the best, and, we look forward to returning.”  Ken & Sue, Columbus, Ohio


10/23/2005 – “Had a wonderful time!  Accommodation superb!  Puppies precious!  Would definitely recommend Rockmere Lodge to everyone.  Hope to come back soon.”  Kit & TJ, Glastonbury, CT


10/02/2005 – “Peace is state of mind and I have truly found it here at your home.  I very much enjoyed your warmth and friendship during my stay.  It took me back in time to a world where I needed to be in my life and I thank you for that.  God bless you and keep you well until we meet again.”  Joann, Winter Garden, Florida


08/02/2005 – “Beautiful B&B.  The best we ever stayed in.”  Ron a\& Joanne


07/15/2005 – “You are master of hospitality – Combined with your décor, ambiance, congeniality of other guests and even beautiful weather made for a perfect holiday weekend.  Thank you for the fun July 4th barbeque.  Very gracious and generous.”  Suzanne & Bill, Georgia


06/28/2005 – “Your trio has made a wonderful nest in Maine.  We have enjoyed our stay.”  Stella & Al


06/16/2005 – “It is so good to be back here.  We always have a wonderful time.”  Sue & Bill


06/04/2005 – “We had a restful stay.  Great view.”  Cathy & Isabel


02/06/2005 – “Beautiful view and a beautiful house!  Have enjoyed our time with you all.  Thanks for your hospitality.”  Alex & Stephen, England







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