Heaven On Earth

Rockmere Lodge in Ogunquit
Proprietors Andy and Bob

Of all the places we could be.
Like London, France, or Spain.
All the mysteries that be,
Like what brought us all to Maine?

Where heaven seems to touch the earth,
and lovers take long walks.
Gentle breezes touch your hair.
As waves all touch the rocks.

To search our souls comes naturally
like the sand beneath our feet.
Was it by chance we’re here today?
Or for the purpose we might meet?

Where once strangers, now are friends,
my words at such a loss.
For forces in this universe
that caused our paths to cross.

My hopes and dreams renewed again
by fear no longer bound.
Encouraged by the things I see
and brand new friends I found.

The truth like pirates canon balls
impossible to dodge.
Heaven is a place on earth
it’s called The Rockmere Lodge.

Edwin C Hofert