January 2016

Dear Friends,

As we start the year 2016, Rockmere Lodge also will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. Twenty-five wonderful years of what we call “a dream come true”. To be able to live in such a beautiful Town of Ogunquit and be by the Marginal Way and the ocean. Well, we have to pinch ourselves from time to time. But most of all we look back over those years and marvel at all the wonderful friends we have made thru Rockmere Lodge Bed and Breakfast.

Over those years we have had some interesting experiences. We can still remember that first day as the two of us sat on the wrap around porch at a folding card table eating sandwiches we brought up from CT on our way to Maine and looking scared and wondering “What the heck did we just do?” J “Innkeepers of all things!!! We’d better learn real fast!” J

But we rolled up our sleeves and started to restore Rockmere Lodge for our future Bed and Breakfast. It seems like only yesterday, really it does.

Each year came new guests and friendships and we knew this was meant for us.

As we go into our 25th year, there have been many funny moments we remember that happened over the years. This one is a classic.

Jeannie and Don have been coming to Rockmere Lodge for many years but always in the warmer months. Well, one year they came in the cooler months when we were eating in the dining room. Both of them are very friendly and outgoing so when they came into the dining room they started chatting with the other guests.

Bob and Andy were serving while Doug was in the kitchen cooking. The morning breakfast was going along fine until Andy walked out with two plates in his hands. Andy said hello to Jeannie and Don and Jeannie said “Andy, this is the first time I have seen you with your pants on”. You could hear a pin drop…forks midair to guest’s mouths stopped as they looked at Jeannie and Andy.

Jeannie turned red and said “Oh, that didn’t come out right. I meant it’s the first time I have seen Andy in long pants since he always has been in short pants when we have been here”! It was so funny. Jeannie you will never live that one down and thanks for making more memories for us. J

A lot has changed over the years from having a phone and a calendar to take down reservations to the internet and online booking. Along the way Bob and Doug pulled Andy into those inventions kicking and screaming!

On our tenth year Andy met and fell in love with Doug. Where one was the other wasn’t too far behind. And boy did Doug and Andy drive Bob crazy with lots of new ideas for Rockmere Lodge. It was Doug’s idea for all those sets of dishes to serve breakfast on. We now total 35 sets as Andy carries on Doug’s tradition. Doug also started to expand our breakfast menu which Andy continues to this day.

Then came our family of kids (dogs). Moosie and Fritz came first then two years later Gretchen and Cleo joined the crew making our home and life complete. Fritz, Moosie and Cleo have passed on over the rainbow bridge and Gretchen at 16 is still ruling the roost over Gromit, Tony, Max and Abbie (she is like the character Maggie Smith plays on Downton Abby, she may be up there in age but don’t let that fool you!). Without them Andy said getting thru the last two years would have been very hard. They made him laugh when it was the last thing on his mind and they never left his side when Doug passed away after 15 years of being together.

They used to call us the three musketeers, always working together side by side. Last fall Bob and Andy walked around Rockmere Lodge and looking at what was done and built around the place over the years. Good memories of an apple tree that Andy planted which is now full grown. The fish pond that was Doug’s pride and joy and all the building projects that Bob created from Andy’s plans. At the end Doug was building too because he learned from working with Bob.

Yes, every now and then we will have tears in our eyes but it’s more from joy than pain now.

Last year Bob and Andy carried on without Doug but Andy said he feels him here watching over us and Rockmere Lodge and most likely laughing at our mishaps.

So we would like to thank each and every one of you for 25 wonderful years and most of all support and friendship. Without you there would not be a Rockmere Lodge or us.

Now onto what’s happening in Ogunquit and around Rockmere Lodge.

First, to celebrate our anniversary, we have gone back to our original rates for the winter months up the end of March. Monday thru Thursday our rooms are $98 per night and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they are $129 per night. So reserve now and get away for a relaxing time at Rockmere Lodge. The ocean is still right outside our front door!! Those of you who have never seen Rockmere Lodge in the snow give it a try. Bring your book or laptop and relax in a much quieter setting.

We are also working on a new webpage which should be up and running before spring. We will be doing a page where any of our guests who would like to will have a picture holding a sign saying how many years they have been coming to Rockmere Lodge. Also a testament page of why you come back every year. Our webpage guy, Danny, came up with that idea which we liked. So think about being a part of that page.

The Route One project is back in full swing and we think on schedule. Main Street is a mess as we write this newsletter but will be beautiful by the finish date this spring. All the trees have been cut and removed along with the sidewalks for the drainage installation. In the end new sidewalks will run from one end of town to the other and they say on both sides of Route One. New trees, lighting and brick sidewalks in the center of town too. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Rose Cove Café and the Village Food Market are being remodeled as we write this. They will have a new look and products. Looks like the Blue Water Inn at the beach will start rebuilding soon after the fire. A couple of stores are closing and /or retiring so look for some new shops for 2016 in town. We will have more news on this in our Spring newsletter.

Finally, Bob and Andy brought back the “Tour of the Inn” on Christmas-by-the-Sea weekend in 2015 to raise money for the Animal Shelter. We are happy to say for our first year we raised $1035 for them! We are already planning for next year!

So in closing, don’t forget to reserve your room for 2016 either by phone or online and follow us on Facebook at “Rockmere Lodge Bed and Breakfast”. Andy keeps posting lots of pictures on there.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in 2016.

Andy, Bob and our “kids”

Gretchen, Gromit, Tony, Max and Abbie