Winter 2018

Happy Holidays Dear Friends of Rockmere Lodge

It is hard to believe the 2018 season is coming to an end and this will be our last newsletter for this year.
First, we would like to thank all of you for sticking by us and supporting us each year. Without you there would not be a Rockmere Lodge going on 28 years in 2019. You all are special to us.

2018 was an alright year but nothing to get excited about but being in this business you have your good years and they you have your 2018 year. But we are looking forward to a fantastic 2019 with all your help!

Don’t forget we do offer Gift Certificates in any amount for that special person on your gift giving list. And there is no expiration on them. Bob has been busy printing and getting them out into the mail in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Bob this will be his first winter in Maine in 18 years! Andy said he will be getting lots of warm clothing for Christmas and ear muffs for Andy, so he can block out Bob saying he is cold! LOL!

We hope to redo the Alf-Fred room this winter bringing all the rooms at Rockmere Lodge up to date.
As you all know we lost our mascot at Rockmere Lodge Miss Abbie in May. Not a day goes by without one of our guests not mentioning how they miss her at breakfast. Then at the end of August, Gromit left us suddenly. Talk about falling to pieces. Andy was beside himself because Gromit was always with him. Tony now has picked up where Gromit has left off and follows Andy everywhere. And Max, well Max is fair and spends equal time with Bob and Andy. In fact, Andy did bring home a pure-bred Boxer from Russia in November from the shelter he helps with. She was surrendered because she didn’t like the other female boxers at her past home and was a fighter. Andy figured both Max and Tony are male so there should not be a problem. The first night was great but by the next morning we think she wanted to be the boss and went after Max in an all-out dog fight. Poor Tony took off and hid. Andy having grown up with animals and knowing what to do got in between them and pulled them apart only to have her attack Max again! Bob said he was happy to see that Andy know what he was doing and didn’t get bitten. At that moment Andy knew what had to be done and that was to bring her back to the shelter. He felt awful but at least we know she needed to be the only dog in her new home. Andy was happy to hear she found the perfect home the next day.

As we go into 2019 don’t forget Rockmere Lodge is open year-round so come and visit us during our quiet season and relax by the fireplace after a brisk walk on the Marginal Way. So, Martin Luther Kind weekend, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are good reasons to think about getting over your cabin fever and getting away. Give us a call or book online.

Also, if you would like to see photos thru the seasons of Ogunquit, Maine and Rockmere Lodge take a look at our Facebook page under Rockmere Lodge Bed and Breakfast or just Rockmere Lodge.

And before we close this newsletter for this year, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for leaving something in the envelope in the room, so we can help those fur babies waiting for their loving forever home. It is Andy’s passion and every trip bringing food and supplies makes him think of all your help in this venture. As of this writing 4000 fur babies have found their loving families from the shelter. Thank you so much for your help.

So, with gratefulness toward you we at Rockmere Lodge would like to wish our friends a very happy healthy New Year. See you in 2019!!

Much love,
Andy, Bob, Max and Tony