Spring 2017

Hello Friends of Rockmere Lodge,

As I write this the calendar said that it is Spring but they are saying 8 to 10 inches of snow tomorrow! The weather has been something else lately!

As we are sure that you heard, we got hit with a nor’easter a couple of weeks ago. Andy had a busy time keeping Rockmere Lodge from being blown away! He was without power for a day and a half and the wind got up to 65 mph. Trees were down from Kittery to Wells along the coast. The double topped evergreen at the entrance of our guest parking lot is now a single top being that one top was snapped off by the wind. Roof shingles from the Lookout were blown off and the weather vane on the shed behind Rockmere Lodge was blown off also. We ended with about 10 inches of snow with a covering of ice on top of that. It wasn’t an easy job plowing us or the neighbor since trees were down on Stearns Road. Andy did manage to get everything tied down and cleaned up in the next few days. The roofer came the day after and re-shingled and we were thankful for that. So, we are hoping this storm comes a little friendlier.

It has been a busy winter inside of Rockmere Lodge. Two rooms, the Victoria Ruth and the Drudy, have been completely redone including the bathrooms. Andy is now working on the Barbara Sue hoping in two weeks that will be finished. Then on to the Ashley Mae and the Judy Lynd. We are hoping the finished products will make our guests happy!

Plans are under way for some garden work if the weather will cooperate. Some of the wood siding is being replaced as we write this newsletter also. Hoping to have Rockmere Lodge painted this spring. So, there will be a lot new to see this season.

Now some news about town!

The Footbridge over the Ogunquit river at the north end of town has been taken down and being re-built and should be ready by May. It looks to be wider than before. Also, the public bathrooms are being re-modeled and updated.

There is a new restaurant called Angelo’s run by Jackie from Jackie’s Too on Route One, north of town.

The Blue Water Inn that was destroyed by fire a couple of years ago will re-open in their brand-new building and it looks like there will be roof top dining overlooking the Ogunquit river. The sad part about that is that Lee, who co-owned it with her husband Roger, passed away about a month and a half ago. Lee was a beautiful fun loving lady, always so kind and a nice friend. She will be missed.

Gypsy Sweethearts has a sign on the building saying, “See you in the Spring”, but other than that we really don’t know if that is true since Andy said he hasn’t seen Tony or Judy all winter around town. We can only hope yes since a lot of Rockmere Lodge friends love that place.

Animal Instincts, the toy store in town, has new owners from the Goldenrod in York Beach. They have remodeled and offer coupons and sales which is great. Check their webpage before you visit Rockmere lodge to see if any coupons are available.

The Ogunquit Playhouse will be celebrating their 85th year! The lineup of shows is as follows: Mamma Mia, Bullets over Broadway, Ragtime, Heartbreak Hotel, From Here to Eternity, and White Christmas. Check their webpage for more information.

The Front Porch has new owners but is running just the same. Thank goodness!

As we begin Rockmere Lodge’s 26th year in business, we would like to thank each one of you that have supported us through the years. What a surprise we had when our accountant told us we up 40% last year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dear friends, without you there wouldn’t be a Rockmere Lodge Bed and Breakfast. Bookings are coming in and we are looking forward to seeing all our friends again this year. We have kept our rates the same for the 2017 season and will do so for as long as we can.

Bob will be leaving sunny Florida and heading back to Maine on May 18th. Andy and the “kids” are looking forward to that day!

So, with this bit of news about us and the Town of Ogunquit, we will close this newsletter with our gratitude for making us what we are today. We look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Best regards,

Andy, Bob,
Gromit, Tony, Max, and our social greeter, Miss Abbie